Careers in Anime

Check out the uncensored version of our latest podcast about careers in the anime industry. This episode features a visiting group from Columbia College as well as 
the return of the Mendez sisters.


You don’t bring a sword to a gunfight!!!

Trouble is in brewing in the VRMMO, Gun Gale Online as there have reports of  people dying in the real world while simultaneously dying in the game. Kikuoka Seijirou a member of Japan’s virtual division looks to Kirito for help with the Death Gun investigation.  Our hero Kirito makes his return to the virtual world with the purpose of tracking down a nefarious villain believed to be related to the killings a players known as Death Gun.

Based off Gun Gale Online
Based off Gun Gale Online

Kirito learns the ropes of Gun Gale by befriending a sniper named Sinon.  Kirito’s new bespectacled partner whose cool and calm demeanor is shaken when a menace comes back to haunt her.

Sword Art Online 2 or Gun Gale Online will make it’s debut in July streaming online worldwide. Look for it on and check out Anime News Network for all the latest sword art news