Mastermind’s First ACen

As you may know, two weeks ago I attended my very first Anime Central. I was really excited because it was such a huge convention–the biggest in the Midwestern United States, and the third-biggest in the nation–and my friends in the anime club swore up and down that it was amazing. I couldn’t wait to see it for myself.

I was so hyped when I went to pick up my badge at will call the day before the con! There were people in line who were already cosplaying, which made me even more excited to see what would happen the next day. I couldn’t help smiling like an idiot when I got my badge.

But then the next day came.

My sister and I were having major bus fare issues, and we didn’t make it out to Rosemont until well after 8:00 that night! So there wasn’t anything for us to see. The rest of the anime club got out late too, though, which helped things suck a little less. We decided to meet up at noon on Saturday. We were supposed to dress up that day, so I hoped it would be better.

Which it was, in many ways. My sister and I set out for Rosemont, her in regular clothes and me in my blue wig and frilly lolita dress. I was aiming for Sailor Mercury, but in hindsight I should’ve tried to make it more obvious. Maybe I’ll try again at Anime Midwest…

Sailor Mercury...or nah? (Don't mind my disgruntled face; I swear I was having fun.)
Sailor Mercury…or nah? (Don’t mind my disgruntled face; I swear I was having fun.)

I finally saw the dealer’s room that day, which was great! Of course my first stop was the FUNimation booth to enter their raffle (which I didn’t win). After that we shopped around, I bought a few things…

Thor, Grell, and Sherlock are mine; Jack and the Doctor are my sister's.
Thor, Grell, and Sherlock are mine; Jack and the Doctor are my sister’s.
Does anyone know if this outfit was for a certain song? "Daughter of Evil," maybe??
Does anyone know if this outfit was for a certain song? “Daughter of Evil,” maybe??
Neither of you are Armin, and that makes me sad.
You’re cool people, but neither of you are Armin, and that makes me sad.

The dealer’s room is always fun!

We also went to a few screenings. My sister loves the English dub of Ghost Stories, which I wasn’t completely familiar with, but it was really funny! We also saw Demon King Daimao, which I enjoyed. I really felt for Akuto, always trying to make a good name for himself and only worsening his image along the way. (I should cosplay as him one day…)

On Sunday, my main concern was the screening of The Devil is a Part-Timer! being shown by FUNimation. My sister wanted to wander around the dealer’s room, so we missed the first episode, but we caught the other three, and they were great. We both love Alciel! (The full series is out in July, which kinda sucks, but I’m seriously looking forward to it!)

Overall, I had a good time. There’s a lot I wish I’d gotten to do, including getting an interview with Laura Bailey (the whole process was a headache which I’d rather not think about) and checking out the BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma tournament, but there’s always next year!


A Moon Star is Reborn!

Guess who’s back? (Back again!)

It’s Usagi Tsukino, and she and her friends are probably better than ever!

The cast for the new Sailor Moon anime, Sailor Moon Crystal, was officially announced recently. Kotono Mitsuishi will indeed be coming back to voice our favorite dumpling head, but–rather strangely, I think–the same can’t be said for the other Sailor Soldiers.

  • Ami/Sailor Mercury is now voiced by Hisako Kanemoto (who you can hear now as Haru Ichinose in Akuma no Riddle). In the old anime, she was voiced by Aya Hisakawa.
  • Rei/Sailor Mars is voiced by Rina Satou (who played Negi Springfield in Negima!). Previously, she was played by Michie Tomizawa.
  • Makoto/Sailor Jupiter is played by Ami Koshimizu (AKA Kill la Kill‘s Ryuko Matoi). Before, she was voiced by Emi Shinohara.
  • Minako/Sailor Venus is portrayed by Shizuka Itou (Lenalee Lee in D. Gray-man).  The first time around, she was voiced by Rica Fukami.

I don’t exactly hate this announcement, but it is rather baffling. If you brought back one of the original cast, why not bring back the rest? Better yet, why not re-cast Usagi? Also, who on Earth is playing Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask?

I guess I won’t truly know how to feel until the new anime starts. The first episode will air on July 5th, and new episodes will show on the first and third Saturdays of the month from that point on. It will also stream worldwide on Niconico Douga.

It’ll certainly be an adventure trying to get used to these new voices, but I don’t think it’ll take away from my experience of the show. I have been waiting for this for too long, and I won’t let some new actor squeamishness get to me that easily!

Will you?

Oh, How Fun(imation)!

Two nights ago, I found yet another reason to get hyped for my very first Anime Central: FUNimation will be there all weekend!

They’ll be premiering three new dubs:

  • Red Data Girl on Friday
  • Date A Live on Saturday
  • The Devil is A Part-Timer! on Sunday

They all seem like interesting shows, so you should try to catch at least one of these screenings!

There’s also a huge raffle to look forward to, as well as a free goodie bag for Funi’s online subscribers, so why not stop by their booth? You might just score some awesome merch!